Fantabulous Design is a creative studio based in the mind and body of one woman with some creatively awesome (and/or crazy) ideas. 






Designing it all with the greatest of ease
infographics, ebooks, printed catalogues, posters, logos, car wraps, signage, online ads, websites, creative direction, brochures, stationary, white papers, tradeshow booths, magazine ads, art direction, billboards, tshirts, transit ads, printed books, illustrations, icons, photo editing, direct mail, business cards, interior office design, event themes, tents, wayfinding, yadda yadda yadda — seriously, anything.


Hey, branding isn’t just for cows
Maybe your company is having a tech conference that needs a special visual identity. Or you need a logo refresh on that out-dated mark from 1972. Whatever the branding need, let’s talk.

Print is definitely not dead
Give me your brochures! Give me your packaging projects! Give me your posters by the bushel! I love all forms of print design, heck I bleed Pantone 7621.

Having the great gift of gab
Whether you’re trying to market tube socks to geriatrics, in need of a punchy headline to get kids excited about cheese, or just want help naming a new fancy gizmo — let me craft a word or two.

A pandora's box of brilliant ideas
Sometimes you just need a fresh set of concepts to jolt your message to the next level. And then sometimes you just want to see what crazy, hair brained schemes I can come up with.

Now let's get super direct
Need to have a cohesive marketing campaign brought to life? Maybe something that includes emails, online ads, direct mail and a huge billboard with a cat's face endorsing your product? I can help with that!




Selected Works





Some Satisfied Peeps


Highly motivated, truly creative

"Katie is a highly motivated and truly creative person. Her creativity and insight can be observed in and outside of the office. Katie is not only an unimitatable talent, but a great person to work with who always greets you with a smile while also being an amazing team member who thrives in a variety of settings. She's patient and diligent and delivers quality work on time and consistently."

—Eric B.


Thoughtful work in blazing time

"Katie is consistently amazing. Zipcar looks the way it does and feels the way it does because of her work. Not only is her understanding of the brand and attention to detail paramount, but she is capable of turning out thoughtful work in blazing time. You can write down your ideas and she'll show you what it should look like — and you'll always leave thinking, "Now if I only I could think like that... "

—Matt K.

Highly skilled and talented designer

"Katie is a skilled and talented graphic designer. Her playful and "can do" spirit comes out in her design and problem-solving. She's highly skilled technically and is always eager to learn new techniques...be it flash, video, or any other medium. Further, Katie is a great colleague and a pleasure to work with."

—Maryellen M.


Strong aesthetic eye, hilarious

"Katie is a brilliant designer, with a very strong aesthetic eye, and amazing concepting skills. Working with Katie gave me invaluable experience and knowledge that I will be able to use throughout the rest of my design career. Katie is hilarious, easy-going, and motivated. Not to mention, she has unlimited knowledge of programs, as well as an ability to answer numerous questions without getting irritated."

—Tara B.


Creative, effective solutions

"Ever the artist and designer, Katie could always be counted on to cut through the clutter and find creative, strategic, and effective solutions to any request or challenge, no matter how mundane or bizarre. I would very strongly recommend her for, just about, anything she put her mind to."

—Richard M.





About fantabulous little me
Hi, my name is Katie and I’m a design-aholic. I’ve been designing for over 15 years. I cannot walk down the street without critiquing the kerning on posters or signs. I grew up in the backwoods of Maine where I was inspired to do art and naturally found my way into graphic design.

The past 6 years I lived in the San Francisco Bay area where I got to work with some amazing tech companies. Now I'm back living in quiet Cape Elizabeth, ME.

I say the word ‘wicked’ a wicked lot, followed by ‘awesome’. I’m an avid cook. And I am raising three furry kids who poop in the backyard.




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